We have a list of seven of the top-notched practitioners who are willing to serve you.

From acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopath, orthotics, osteopath, physiotherapy and RMT we have all of your bases covered.

We have made sure to remind the seven different practitioners to recommend you to others. There is not just one way of dealing with a problem. There is always a different practitioner who will lend you a different spin from the technique that you’re currently using.

Integrated care requires professionals and practitioners from across different sectors to work together around the needs of people, their families, and their communities. Teams which bring together the relevant professionals and practitioners can be an effective means to encourage better coordination of their work.

Common elements of our team involves a single process to access the team with joint meetings to share insights and concerns. Shared electronic record of all contacts, assessments and interventions of team members with an individual and their family. A diverse group of professions and disciplines which reflect the needs of the target population.